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Caparaó Specialty Coffees

In addition to the concern of working with 100% Arabica coffees,

of the Caparaó and Matas de Minas Regions, in Minas Gerais, Brazil, we seek to have relationships with producers,

monitoring processes, concerns and needs.

We don’t just deliver coffee as a consumer good,

but we take families with us, who together participate

of the entire production process.



Considered one of the best regions in Brazil for the production of specialty coffees, Serra do Caparaó, with its height of more than 2,800 meters, has one of the main factors that enhance the quality of coffees in its altitude.

Furthermore, the combination of its incredible mountainous structure, which creates microclimates throughout the region, with the variety of 100% Arabica coffees, provides an enormous diversity of flavors and aromas, allowing the beans to have such distinct sensorial notes, but at the same time time, with a DNA from the region in sweetness, body and acidity.

cafes especiais caparao 100% arabica de alta qualidade serra caparao cafe braileiro

A family linked to the countryside, in one of the best areas for growing special coffees in Brazil, cultivating in favorable soil and climate, with manual, artisanal and selective harvesting. The sum of these factors has produced high quality coffees, the best coffees in Brazil, for 5 years in a row, from 2014 to 2018, the winners of "Coffee Of The Year", at the International Coffee Week, the biggest coffee fair in the world. Brazil.

cafes especiais caparao de producao artesanal sustentavel de alta qualidade

We ensure the commitment to correct work practices and their responsibilities towards workers, the well-being of families and workers involved in managing the crops until the finalization of the product that reaches you.
The "CERTIFICA MINAS" certificate, UTZ, which we obtained at Sítio Bela Vista, proves our concern and dedication to the environment and also to sustainability.

rastreabilidade dos graos verdes de cafes especiais

In addition to delivering high-quality specialty coffees, we are confident in stating that we offer a product with transparency over the entire production process. Our origin in green beans is confirmed through the origin identification seals issued by the “CONSELHO DA REGION DAS MATAS DE MINAS”, a non-profit organization formed for the development of coffee growers in the region.


We are proud to have highly certified and award-winning specialty coffees.

BSCA brazilian specialty coffee certification logo


With knowledge and experience that only native producers can have, our special coffees take extra care and undergo rigorous selection, starting with planting and monitoring throughout the cultivation process for subsequent harvesting and separation of the beans.
Our production is based on completely artisanal work and mediated by local families in the Caparaó region who, through years of perfecting their technique, are now able to provide one of the richest and most delicious beans in Brazil for specialty coffees.



Years of dedication and cultivation improvement have allowed the development of the special coffees in our selection.
With certifications and awards and, above all, recognition from those who visit us, professionals from all over the world, people accustomed to tasting the best coffees in the world and who have been surprised by so many flavors, aromas, and the receptivity and welcome of our families.

We want to guarantee the quality of these coffees, and be able to deliver our special Caparaó coffees to everyone who can taste and appreciate everything we do.

saco de graos verdes de cafes especiais de alta qualidade 30 kg
cafes especiais caparao alta qualidade nao torrado grao verde
cafes especiais brasileiros nao torrado para exportacao


Our commitment is to deliver the best selection of specialty coffees that Serra do Caparaó can offer in a sustainable, transparent way, with certification and traceability from the largest regulatory bodies and enabling our consumers to have the best experience and enjoy the best quality specialty coffee.



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